Dr. Nida Chenatsang




Dr. Nida Chenatsang




“Pranavida América Online” formally invites you to be part of a first-time, unique experience in South America: world renown Tibetan teacher and doctor, considered to be one of the greatest exponents of traditional Tibetan Medicine globally – holder of one of the most ancient and pure lineages of this subject, will offer lectures in America through “Pranavida America Online”, from the comfort of your own seat. 

During this two day course, you will acquire basic knowledge of this thousand year old holistic system that observes how body, mind and environment are interconnected.
“The ancestral secrets of tibetan medicine”, by doctor Nida Chenatsang, co-founder and medical director of Sori Khang International and co-founder of NgakMang Institute, is the name of the course that will be simultaneously translated from English to Spanish through the Zoom platform. 

This event will connect Spanish speaking countries with the leading professional in Tibetan Medicine, whose teachings are widely spread in Asia, Europe, Russia, the United States and Australia where thousands of students are trained, with the aim of initiating the spread of Tibetan Medicine teachings in the whole of America and Spanish speaking countries with a well-stocked professional curriculum for the present year. 

The course introduces various important themes to Tibetan Medicine such as Nejang Yoga, one of the oldest self-healing disciplines, which consists in a series of 24 soft paced movements, accessible to everyone –regardless of age or physical condition.  

The Medicine Buddha, a self-healing spiritual technique from Tibet, which works with spiritual energy from Tibetan lineages for self healing. 

The Tibetan Healing Mantra, where the following topics will be discussed: what mantras are, what powers they hold and how they can help you relax, reduce stress, protect against dark energies, increase happiness and joy and strengthen the physical body.

Sa Che, Tibetan Feng Shui, which works alongside the elements and nature’s energy to harmonize people’s life and health – increasing positive emotions, wealth, work fulfillment and aspiration. 

Jorge Fuentes, psychologist, director of “Pranavida América Online” and the one responsible for organizing the courses for South America and Spanish speaking countries, remarks that it is an honor and a true privilege to be in charge of arranging these programs considering that Dr. Nida, Tibetan born physician who runs professional academic programs of Tibetan Medicine in Europe and Asia, one of the most prolific contemporary authors about the subject and considered as one of the greatest experts and speakers in the world of Ancestral Tibetan Medicine, offered classes only in person and this is the first time we have the possibility of having him deliver his knowledge through online means and with a Spanish translation.  

Due to the opening of “Pranavida América Online” and as a means to support our community in these challenging times, this once in a lifetime encounter will have a promotional fee 75 us dollars for residents of other countries. Those looking to participate can write an email to to enroll. 

Table of Contents: 
1. Nejang Yoga, one of the oldest Tibetan yogas of self-healing. Includes breathwork, self-massage and soft physical movements.
2. Medicine Buddha, spiritual self-healing with the Medicine Buddha.
3. Introduction to Mantra Healing: what mantras are, Buddhist and healing mantras, how mantras can help you relax, reduce stress, improve happiness and joy. 
4. Introduction to Sache, Tibetan Feng Sui: study of nature, earth and gardens. Inner management of the house! 

Date: 30th and 31st of January
Time Schedule: from 10:00 am until 18:00 pm
Promotional Opening Fee of “Pranavida Sudamérica” International Academy of Tibetan Medicine
$ 75us. 

Enrollment at:
Whatsapp: +56 9 6110 6977

 Ancestral Secrets of Tibetan Medicine – January 30th and 31st of 2021